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Single Gold Bass Bridge Saddle String Anchor Top Loaded

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This is a good quality gold plated electric bass saddle assembly for bass guitar. These are quite heavy, well made individual bridge units. You will require 4 of these to make a 4 string electric bass guitar. We sell these single items so you can make up a set for 4, 5 or 6 string guitar. The string spacing is 15.5mm minimum, but the ubits can be spaced to make any spacing you require. A single bass bridge saddle measures 15.5mm wide by 72mm long. The minimum height of the string above the bass guitar at the saddle is 12mm but this can be raised using an allen key. There is at least 10mm of string length adjustment using a spring loaded screw. Each saddle must be located in a slot in the bass guitar body, then fixed by 2 screws (supplied).

The string is attached to the bridge saddle by passing it through the centre of the saddle and then moving it backward where the nut is located firmly by the saddle. You can also use these individual saddles for through body stringing.

Screws are NOT included. Photo shows screws but they will not be included. Please be advised of this before purchasing. Item will not have original manufacturer packing as well.

More Details:
The saddle allows strings to be held in the saddle or through the bass body for thru body stringing
Using individual saddles allows you to set your own string spacing
Any number of these can be mounted side by side so these can be used for 4, 5 or 6 string bases
String height and length are adjustable
Requires an oval mounting slot on the guitar and two screw holes. Screws will be supplied