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Belcat PRener-SPII Acoustic Guitar Preamp 5-Band EQ Pickup Balance Output

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Input Impedance: 10 M
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20K Hz
EQ: 5-band
Bass: +/- 12 db
Mid: +/- 12 db
Treb: +/- 12 db
Pres: +/- 12 db
M-Freq: Low - High
Master Volume Control
Tuner: Auto/Manual 
Tuning Note: Chromatic Mode / Guitar Mode
Power Supply: 9v battery
Features: Balance & Unbalance Output Jack
Dimension: 98 mm (length) x 58 mm (width) 
Package Including: Active Preamp/EQ/Tuner, Output Wiring Harness, Piezo Pickup, Mounting Screw, 9v Battery