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Artec EXP Expand to Peak Controller On Board Circuit for Electric Guitar & Bass

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Artec Sound is based in South Korea and a very large producer of pickups. They produce many OEM pick-ups for other brands in Europe, the US and Asia. Although their OEM pickups are quite famous under their OEM brand names, the Artecs are still a bit of an underdog (good for us). The years of experience that Artec has can clearly be heard in their pick-ups. All Artec pickups are double-waxed to prevent outside interference. With high quality, excellent sound and versatile options, they offer much for an affordable price.

EXP is the combined equalizer that has three unique functions in one unit. First is the frequency expander, second is a mid-band peak control and third is a flat booster. Another great feature of EXP / EX3 is unlikely conventional Bass / Middle / Treble Equalizer system that change over all gain while control the frequency character, the EXP / EX3 is designed to keep the over all gain constantly that provides operation stability while you are playing your guitar on the stage.
Choose whether you want to have a full mid-range or accentuated high and low frequency for your excellent performance.  


  • Knob 0(Lever down); leads your pickup sound weightier and rich by boosting the gain in a mid-range and reduce the low and high frequency range.
  • Knob 5 (Lever center); leads your pickup sound the harmonics a boost. It is similar to ordinary flat booster.
  • Knob 10 (Lever up); gives your pickup crystal-clear and vivid tone by expanding the frequency range.
  • It has a powerful bass and treble by boosting a high and low frequency range while mid range is 'V' shaped.
  • Pull the knob to change to bypass
  • EX3 is a 3 ways mini toggle switch version of the EXP