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Artec 7-String Guitar Hot Humbucker Bridge Pickup

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Artec Sound is based in South Korea and a very large producer of pickups. They produce many OEM pick-ups for other brands in Europe, the US and Asia. Although their OEM pickups are quite famous under their OEM brand names, the Artecs are still a bit of an underdog (good for us). The years of experience that Artec has can clearly be heard in their pick-ups. All Artec pickups are double-waxed to prevent outside interference. With high quality, excellent sound and versatile options, they offer much for an affordable price

These are vintage-wound pickups with a classic Tele sound. These pickups have ceramic magnets and waxed-cloth hook-up wires.


  • Cover: Black
  • Pole Piece: Adjustable Screw & Steel Pole
  • Bobbin: Plastic
  • Cable: 4 Conduct with shield
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output Resistance: 17.5 K