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Allen Eden

AE Guitars Hardshell Guitar Case Brown Leather with Leopard Interior for Gretsch Jet Styles

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This hardshell guitar case features 5-ply wood construction, soft plush lining, steel hardware, and a molded plastic handle. Tough textured vinyl surface. The feet at the base are designed to allow the case to stand up straight.


  • Wood Construction
  • Brown Aligator Vinyl
  • Leopard Plush Interior
  • Feet at the base allow it to stand
  • Metal Hardware (4 latches)
  • 8 lbs

Interior Dimensions:

  • 41" (full length) x 14" (lower body width) x 11" (top body width) x 10" (middle hour glass width)
  • Body Length: 21.5" 
  • Middle Compartment: 9.25" L x 3.75" Width
  • 3" Depth with a 2" ramp near the top of the body

Designed for Gretsch

  • Gretsch - G2655T
  • Gretsch - G2657T Double-Cut
  • Gretsch - G5220
  • Gretsch - G5230T Jet

Other Compatible Guitar Models

  • D’Angelico - Atlantic
  • D’Angelico - Bedford
  • D’Angelico - Bedford Semi-Hollow
  • Gibson/Epiphone - ES-339
  • Guild - Aristocrat
  • Hagstrom - Alvar
  • Ibanez - AMH90 Artcore Hollowbody

As outlined above, this case is designed for Gretsch models and other contemporary models. If your guitar is built to the same profile as the models outlined above, the case will work. If you're not sure, refer to the interior dimensions listed above and compare them with your guitar's shape and size to determine the fit. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Beautiful case with woefully inadequate padding

    The external case construction is solid as a rock, as good as any I’ve ever owned in 35 years of playing. The leopard skin interior is also beautiful. However, there is almost no padding in the interior of the case. The guitar slides around inside because of this. Had the padding been equivalent to any other standard hardshell case, the guitar would fit snugly rather than flop around loosely inside. As is, the guitar feels as if it is in a cheap generic fit-all case rather than a case specifically designed for Gretsch Jet guitars. Despite its solid external construction and gorgeous looks, I’d rather have opted for a factory Gretsch case for only a few $ more. Lesson learned.

    Jeffery Stalder
    Certainly nice for the $$

    I build & sell solid electrics & have purchased several AE cases in the past. Build quality seems very consistent ...have had zero issues with them. Bought this one for A D'Angelico Atlantic because it fit a Gretsch case I had. I wish I had known earlier that AE made cases for Gretsch Jets ~ their cases are overpriced compared to yours. Thanx ..js

    Darryn West
    Gretsch alligator cat box

    Decent case not snug snug on my pro jet but will do the job at half the cost of a Gretsch case which I also have. Funky for the buck works great