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Black Arts Toneworks LSTR Fuzz Effect Pedal and 1 free set of GHS Boomers

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Please message us regarding your free set of GHS Boomers guitar strings. We have 9 gauge and 10 gauge available. 
9 gauge will be shipped out by default if no message is recieved regarding the GHS boomers. 


Condition: New

Controls: fuzz, tone, scoop, volume

Specs: 9 volt operation, true bypass


The Pharaoh’s unruly brother, LSTR provides the opposite of the Pharaoh. The LSTR is an all-out rock machine tuned and blended to deliver the signature Black Arts low end along with more fuzz than mamma allows , unique tone controls and LSTR’s understated, striking beauty. LSTR is from the same BMP family, but unlike the Pharaoh, which is dialed back a little, LSTR is the action! LSTR is GO! LSTR can deliver fuzz bordering on distortion; tones go from the traditional muff scooped sound to the Pharaohish wide open tones. Point your tone knobs toward each other for the traditional BMP scoop, and away from each other to get into the more wide open Pharaoh tones. LSTR: Teaching kids to smoke, play games and drink beer.