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Black Arts Toneworks FNORD and a free set of GHS Boomers

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Please message us regarding your free set of GHS Boomers guitar strings. We have 9 gauge and 10 gauge available. 
9 gauge will be shipped out by default if no message is recieved regarding the GHS boomers.

The Fnord is a octaver / fuzz type circuit with some twists. It blends a scrambler / octaver type fuzz with a more traditional fuzz / distortion. From zipper/Velcro tones to a full throated distortion, or a combination of the two. Add a sizzle to your leads, make a rhythm sound that harkens back to the days of screwdriver modified speakers, or a tight lightly gated distortion. If you can’t read between the lines, Fnord! This pedal operates on a Standard 9VDC power supply. No battery connection.