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AREA 51 WAH STANDARD Guitar Effect Pedal

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  • Say wah?  Thassright - wah baby!  Big, bold, badass wah wah.  That wah tone you've been searching for....  That wah wah tone that makes you think of John Shaft walking down the street....That wah tone you've heard on records but could never seem to get. 
  • Vintage-inspired....but better!  That's what you get with the Area 51 Wah. 
  • Here's the deal: Not all vintage wah wahs were created equal.  Some are downright magical, and some are, well.......let's just say "less than inspiring".   One of the keys to building a "magical" wah, is understanding those things that make it "magical" in the first place.  Equally important, is how to make it repeatable.  That's what you get with the Area 51 Wah.
  • If the sound you are looking for is vocal, dimensional, and vintage flavored - that's what you get with the Area 51 Wah.
  • Each one is built by hand, one at a time for YOU.  It's built with the best parts, and built to last a lifetime.  Here's what you get:


star Standard 2.1mm DC Jack with filtering and regulation - compatible with pedalboard power supplies and any other "Boss" type 9VDC, center pin negative supply wallwart.
star True Bypass wiring - Won't alter your tone in bypass mode.
star REAL old-style switchcraft jacks - chassis mounted (not the board mounted plastic ones - no way!)
star CTS/Area 51 Icar 100K pot - the best built ICAR taper pot around.
star Handmade at our shop in Newaygo Michigan, USA
star Carling 316-PP footswitch (non-LED wahs)
star 3PDT footswitch on LED equipped wahs
star Each board individually voiced for consistency
star Hand-wound Area 51 inductor
star Top quality components, selected for tone
star Available buffer (for use with fuzz)

star Part. No.: Area51Standard