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Area 51 Wah Deluxe (all options)

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Area 51 Wah Deluxe (all options)

If the sound you are looking for is vocal, dimensional, and vintage flavored - that's what you get with the Area 51 Wah.

Each one is built by hand, one at a time for YOU.  It's built with the best parts, and built to last a lifetime.  Here's what you get:

  • Standard 2.1mm DC Jack with filtering and regulation - compatible with pedalboard power supplies and any other "Boss" type 9VDC, center pin negative supply wallwart.
  • True Bypass wiring - Won't alter your tone in bypass mode.
  • REAL old-style switchcraft jacks - chassis mounted (not the board mounted plastic ones - no way!)
  • CTS/Area 51 Icar 100K pot - the best built ICAR taper pot around.
  • Handmade at our shop in Newaygo Michigan, USA
  • Carling 316-PP footswitch (non-LED wahs)
  • 3PDT footswitch on LED equipped wahs
  • Each board individually voiced for consistency
  • Hand-wound Area 51 inductor
  • Top quality components, selected for tone
  • Available buffer (for use with fuzz)
  • Custom options (see below)
  • 48-hour money back guarantee! (see below)